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If you have visited GigsGuide in the last couple of weeks, you might have notices a few changes.

The layout of many pages has changed a bit (hopefully, for the better :)), and the loading time has gone down significantly. We have also added the possibility to register/login with Google and Facebook (you can still use Spotify or email, like in the old version).

What you are seeing, is the result of many months of hard work where we have basically rebuilt the whole website* pretty much from scratch.

2 weeks ago, we quietly “flipped the switch”… and then I…

World-leading “travel for live music” service GigsGuide is happy to announce that it is pivoting its business in a new direction and will soon be rebranding as Stripadvisor.

We started GigsGuide to make it easier for people to travel the world and discover the local live music scene of the destinations they visit. We thought it would be a great way to inspire a more respectful way to travel, create real value for our local communities and inspire new human connections through music.

In a hindsight, that was a pretty dumb idea.

A year of pandemic has clearly demonstrated how…

Many years ago, one of my favourite Italian bands* wrote a song entitled “Lo Sciopero del Sole”, which can be roughly translated as “the Sun goes on strike”.

One day the Sun, tired of constantly being taken for granted, mistreated and neglected, decides to go on strike and stops shining.

Only too late do the people realize that with the sun now gone, they are no longer able to get a nice tan and enjoy their summers by the seaside. …

While the hopeless romantic and those that always plan the “perfect” date months ahead are probably freaking out right now, the current situation offers at least a few opportunities to be spontaneous and creative.

Whether you are planning to impress your loved ones with a candle lit gourmet meal and fancy wines or a candle lit pizza and beer on the couch, GigsGuide’s Cupid is here with a few tips to get you in the mood and help you create the perfect musical atmosphere for your home-date.

And if Corona is currently keeping you apart from the person your heart…

It has now been almost two months since we started listing “online” live events.

During this period, we have been spending a significant part of our awake time looking for “online” events to add to the directory. So far, we have helped promote over 3000 of them (in itself, not a bad achievement for a startup of 2 — with a little help from our friends — and no money).

This also means that by now we have practically seen it all. So I thought I’d put together a list of the silliest mistakes I see many artists/venues/promoters do when…

Over the past few weeks, things were looking incredibly bright for GigsGuide. Traffic to the site was growing. More and more people were finding great gigs to attend all over the world. Concerts ticket were being bought, trips being booked.

And then, very suddenly, the world came to a complete stop.

We built GigsGuide because we are passionate about live music and want more people to experience it more. But with gigs getting cancelled* and people in many countries not even allowed to leave their homes, we were sitting on a pretty useless site.

And then on Saturday it hit…

When I started writing this post, my objective was to highlight how the established way public administrators look at culture not only does a disservice to the cultural sector itself, but it also represent a gigantic missed opportunity when it comes to promoting tourism.

By the time I was done writing, though, it had become painfully clear how the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the fight to control it is having the unintended consequence of creating an existential threat to the entire live music and cultural ecosystem as we know it ( Bas Grasmeyer has done a pretty good…

We just sent out the update below to all registered users on GigsGuide with an overview of all the cool new features we are adding to the service. GigsGuide users have definitely more fun… Get a free account today and have more fun too!!


I was going to start this newsletter with the usual “hope you are well”, but in these times of virus panic it felt even more cliché than usual. I do genuinely hope you are all well though (we don’t have that many users yet, so I can’t really afford to loose any of you, ok?).

We built GigsGuide because we are passionate about great live music and want more people to experience it wherever they go.

We often talk with fellow travellers, and our conversations confirm what several travel industry reports have pointed out many times before: cultural experiences — and live music in particular — are one of the most important things we look for when choosing a destination for a trip.

The interest to travel for music is also confirmed by what we see in our visitors statistics. A large percentage of our organic traffic consists of people that find us while searching…

If you have ever been in love, then you know that love and music are one and the same. Whether you poured your heart out in a song you wrote, or borrowed other (more famous) people’s words and melodies to craft the perfect mix-tape playlist, you are clearly one of those (like us) that believe that even the coldest heart can be melted with the right melody.

This year the stars have aligned and Valentine’s day happens to fall on a Friday. So what better way to celebrate love than taking your special one on a suprise weekend trip to…


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