New on GigsGuide: City pages, a new Artist search and more…

1. See who’s playing in your city!

A couple of weeks ago, we pushed an important update to GigsGuide, adding dedicated city pages to make access to upcoming gigs quick and easy whether you are at home or travelling.

2. It’s easier to search for artists

The Artist Directory has received a small update now, in the form of a funky search bar that makes it easy for you to look up your favourite artists and see all their upcoming gigs.

3. We have a new, cleaner search box

We have received a lot of suggestions and feedback on how to improve our search experience, and put it all in practice in our new search box. Among other things, you no longer need to specify an origin (unless you want to search for flights too, obviously). We have also added a dedicated flow for the inspirational search… So make sure you click on the “Go on an adventure!” tab to get suggestions on great trips to see an artist you love and discover a new destination.

4. Your personalized newsletter is coming

In a couple of days, we will deploy another update to our system that will deliver to every user (i.e. you :)) a list of suggestions for concerts we think you will like (based on your profile’s preferences), taking place in your home-town in the next 4 weeks.



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